What is

An anonymous remailer is essentially a service to hide one's identity when sending messages by e-mail.

Why should you want to hide your identity?
Because the Internet looks increasingly like a big square full of CCTVs where it is impossible to move without being monitored.
Despite the big hype about privacy and the right to privacy, we think that this is just a camouflage to disguise the fact that in the Web political liberties are decreasing, and institutions are pushing towards this so that privacy does not belong to individuals anymore and becomes a privilege bestowed by the powerful within well-defined limits, in order to ensure a "fair" control over every citizen and her activities.

No matter how loud people can bark about control of information being necessary in order to keep order, though, we believe that this control is not only unnecessary and useless in this sense, but that freedom of communication (because it only comes down to this) is every induvidual's fundamental right, and that restraining it is a way to forbid any critical voice and any moral or ideological dissent.

Take a loot at this article from Bruce Schneier: The eternal value of privacy.
Articolo sul valore della privacy di Bruce Schneier: Il valore eterno della privacy

That's why we want to offer this tool -- in order to claim the need/right to anonymity, in order to oppose the odious attitude according to which if you're trying to hide it means that you have something to hide, in order to favour the spreading of "secure" anonymity systems, because we don't want to have "anonymous" mailboxes with Hotmail, because those mailboxes have nothing anonymous, and even if you register with false data it can always be traced back to your real identity. For a world net of anonymous remailers exists already, and the only secure way of using these tools is by using them in a chain, so it is crucial to have as many rings possible in every single chain, because the more people use these tools, the more difficult it is to shut them down.

Per una descrizione degli anonymous remailer in italiano leggetevi questo pdf: introduzione ai remailers

We have a type II mixmaster remailer, which accepts messages in bot cypherpunk (type I) and mixmaster (type II) format.
If you use the cypherpunk format, remember that this remailer only accepts messages encrypted with its public key.

If you wish to receive the remailer keys, send a message to
with the subject "remailer-key".

If you wish to see the usage stats, send a message to
with the subject "remailer-stats"

If you don't want to receive messages from this remailer, send a message to
entering in the subject: DESTINATION-BLOCK

If you want to contact remailer admin, write to: remailer-admin@remailer.paranoici.org