Pyano Anonymous News Web Interface

Use this mixmaster web interface to send anonymous messages to newsgroups. If no remailers are selected in the chain, then mixmaster will automatically select a remailer chain for you. If you intend on using the From field please read the instructions here. For more detailed instructions, refer to the help section below.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

Web Interface

Or custom:
X-No-Archive: (checked means Google will not archive this post)



Not all remailers support "from" lines. If you wish to use a custom from line rather than one the remailer chooses for you, you must select a remailer that supports custom from lines as the last remailer in the chain! Put your from line in this format: "John Smith" <>

Chain & copies

Mixmaster wraps your message in layers of PGP encryption. Each remailer in the chain unwraps one layer and then sends the rest to the next remailer. In this way no one remailer knows the source, destination, and contents. The longer the chain you use, the more guaranteed the anonymity. However, this comes at the cost of reliabilty. Indeed, remailers can be unreliable and there is no guarantee that every message sent will arrive at it's destination. Increasing the number of copies increases the reliability.

The remailers are listed in the drop lists with some stats. Those stats are as follows: